Meridian Valet

Suite 300, The Station
601 West Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC


“I can trust that the service I receive is always top-notch and no one will take my Ferrari for a joy-ride or scratch my baby up.”


   - Patron



It’s 1999 and Vancouver has many valet companies, all competing to be the cheapest and each saying they’re the best. But hotel managers and restaurant owners aren’t happy. In the race to win contracts, things like training, customer service, good uniforms, and even insurance are often forgotten. Into this market comes a small valet service with a very different approach: Meridian Valet. As our first General Manager, described it:





“Before we started the service we knew there was no point trying to be like every other valet company out there. Why have a five-diamond hotel or a first-class restaurant but have the whole experience fall apart because of a two-star valet? We also knew that although things like training, uniforms, and quality of staff had to be top-notch, the pricing had to be fair. That was the simple but ultimately successful idea behind Meridian.”





One of Meridian’s first customers was the Hyatt Regency, followed by the Sutton Place Hotel. Restaurant owners like Hy’s Encore, Gotham Steakhouse, Le Crocodile, and Joe Forte’s recognized the value of Meridian’s approach and brought us on board. Eight years later we’re still at each of these sites, and based solely on word-of-mouth recommendations, have added over a dozen more of Vancouver’s best restaurants and hotels.








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